OTN (Open Transport Network)

OTN (Open Transport Network) is a state-of-the-art communication network for mission critical applications using fiber optic technology.

It is designed for companies with mixed applications in industrial environments that require their own network infrastructure to run their operations 24 by 7.

OTN applies the latest technological advances to meet the data, voice and video telecommunication needs of specific industries and transportation sectors, such as metros, light rails, railways, mines, airports, pipelines, utility/power companies, campus networks and so on.

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The XTran network portfolio is designed for the power industry, railway authorities and other heavy industries that require an efficient packet based infrastructure.

XTran network nodes are designed with specific mechanics and performance values to build a reliable multiservice network and comply to international standards as well as to the most demanding environmental standards like IEC 61850-3, IEEE 1613 and EN 50121-4.

Some primary XTran features:

  • Rugged industrial design with no moving parts
  • Extended temperature range and EMC requirements
  • Compact, DIN-RAIL or 19” mountable
  • Modular
  • Front access
  • Supports meshed topologies

The XTran portfolio is designed in such a way that you can create clever networks which are tailored to your environment.

As a result the investment in the XTran portfolio is a safe investment.

The XTran portfolio focuses on security features relevant for the utility industry.

Based on the implemented standards the XTran ensures the connectivity and defends the network from unwanted access. It also provides the necessary logging and audit trails to guarantee compliancy with local legislation.


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CE+T – Modular Inverter and Modular UPS

Business continuity should not keep you up at night. Your applications should be running all the time, whatever happens to the commercial power or to the backup infrastructure…

The space at your location should be used by equipment that brings you money, not the one that is costing you!

Trouble Free

When an electrical problem happens somewhere in your infrastructure, it should not have any impact on the rest of the installation.

TSI based solutions are designed to contain any issue where it happened!


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