PRASA OTN Roll-Out (Gauteng)

Due to the signaling requirements of the Passenger Rail agency of South Africa (PRASA) OTN was chosen as the preferred backbone for their network in the Gauteng region.

The OTN N50/ N70 range of equipment is currently being installed by Siemens Ltd in the Gauteng 1 (Witwatersrand) region. OTN for the Gauteng 2 (Pretoria) region will be the next to be deployed.


PRASA Durban

PRASA required a network that should be able to host their current Tele-control system, which is still communicating using legacy 4-wire voice services.

Also, it was very important that this new network would future-proof PRASA and for this reason PRASA had a MPLS-TP based network with good Ethernet/IP capabilities and a “easy to use” management system in mind.

XTran is the perfect fit for these requirements and a network were rolled out to more than twenty substations.



ATNS has been using OTN product for quite some time on all of the airports and a tender was issued in order to upgrade the OR Tambo ring.

OTN Systems South-Africa was the successful bidder and the roll-out of this project was a huge success.


Palabora Mining Company

PMC is extending their underground operations in order to extend the life span of the mine and a tender was issued for the extension of their network as PMC had been using OTN for their existing operations.

OTN Systems South-Africa was successful in securing this bid and we were happy to extend a very good relationship with PMC.